Mr. S Who Thinks He’s Bravo


He knows he’s pretty so he approaches you in style,

Charming his way in to your life with a smile,

 Captivated I was when he flashed his dimples,

But then I asked myself, was it really that simple?

Naïve as I was, expecting some affection,

While he sends a picture of himself staring into the cars window,

Stating, ‘Distracted by my own reflection.’

He spends hours working on his biceps

And sends selfies to the ladies he seeks out to impress.

In his pictures he would be exposing his hairy bare chest,

Hoping the ladies would gaze upon the beauty of his flesh.

“Hey babe you are pretty and you seem quite fit,

But I plan to use you only for my benefit,’’

The least I was expecting was a simple birthday wish,

Instead he sends me a picture of his stupid salad dish.

A vulnerable soul finding him hard to resist,

I couldn’t believe I was infatuated by a narcissist.

Foolish was I to be intrigued by his appearance.

However in the end, I took it as a learning experience.


Audrey: Value Your Voice


Audrey Hepburn once said, “I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.”

People talk, comment, criticize, think, judge, don’t think,  think aloud,  think soft, write, communicate even without words. Even the dumb talks. People have views and endless opinions. We are capable on influencing another person even without an opinion. The truth is that we are chatter beings and our talks are never going to stop. The question now is how much power are we going to give to those talks in terms of influencing our lives? The loved ones might support, while the jealous criticize and watch out for the hypocrites, they are always ready to give advice.

When you are unsuccessful, everyone becomes your teacher, when you are sick, they all become your doctors. When you are successful, people search for your flaws. They think they know us better, they tell us who we are but do they know who they are?

We live to seek approval, we live to impress, for that temporary attention we always seek to get. It is a noisy world out there but the most important are the noises from within. So go do your thing and live according to your style because after all we are only here for a while.

Narisa Sethi




The Real Issue

Image result for morning alarm
‘Sorry Boss I can’t go to work today, I fractured my motivation’ 

It is a serious condition with a dangerous symptom called lack of focus which could lead to loss of productivity. My instinct suggests me to stay in bed in my cozy blanket, have some cereal, watch TV and do absolutely nothing. In regards to the future I have planned out for myself or at least I think I have planned out…Hmmm thats interesting.  The responsibility, the rush to the same old routine to survive with the imagination that this routine will grant me billions of dollars one day and that day my life will be set.  One day? Which day is that one day? The day I get promoted? Maybe I should quit and find another job that would make billions.. for that company too? Or maybe I can come up with an idea that would change the world. Yup this cereal tastes good. Don’t overlook demotivation because it can sometimes be a wake up call from this ordinary routine to pursue something that will enable you to live and not just survive the days. Don’t forget to go to work on Monday, I bet your boss can’t wait to see you.

Indoor Winter

Image result for freezing in office

Ever spent winters in Bangkok? I must tell you that it is going go be cold  indoors. So prepare all your jackets or scarfs when inside. However when you step outside, please remove your jacket and embrace the sun because it is definately going to be warm outside. Yes its the opposite effect here in Thailand. My hands are freezing and trembling while writing this. Definately experiencing the indoor winter effect. It is going to be hot and cold  confusing the hell out of your body. Cough Cough Cough and let go of all the regrets, sadness and frustration of 2016 and breath in the new air of awesomeness coming along your way.